he had found home here

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damon and elena just standing there

"it’s over. we’re over."

yet no one moves

and damon silently shakes his head, barely noticeable, but there all the same

deciding who’s going to break first

damon breaks first

damon always breaks first

because he knows what it feels like to hear her say those words and mean them and he can’t bear it again

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I can’t R E S I S T when he looks like T H I S *_*


"I’ll be gone someday. I’m happy, I’m just not blind."

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don’t tell me to calm down I’ll throw a fucking desk at your face

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Respect your elders.

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*wraps blanket around favourite character*

*wraps arms around favourite character*

*wraps entire existence around favourite character*

*hisses* dont touch him

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"You and I had a little cottage. It was an ordinary summer day, you had been playing outside so you were tired and it was time for bed. You told me about the fort that you built out in the woods by the river, so I asked if I could visit. You said when the sun came up in the morning. And I said…"

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